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2. Place order

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Get your healthy meal home delivered (or pick it up from nearest pick up location)

4. Give feedback

We are just a Whatsapp away, for your invaluable feedback on how we could make our healthy recipes tastier. And together we will :)

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Okay, we are taking baby steps. Here is our delivery region presently.

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Introductory Pricing [JMH or PWL]



1 day pass


1 week (5 days) pass

Rs.140 per meal


1 month (22 days) pass

Rs.135 per meal

Non Vegetarian


1 day pass


1 week (5 days) pass

Rs.190 per meal


1 month (22 days) pass

Rs.185 per meal


By the way, you get an option to roll-over a day's meal to next day, if you let us know about it by 12 noon.

Free meal options are unlocked (with no cap on number of free meals!) once you are a regular member. How? Information shared only with regular members.

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Dinner Order Form

Hey! Welcome to NutriTown (Beta). We have 2 menus each day in dinner: Junk Made Healthy Menu (a healthier avataar of sandwiches, subs, wraps, momos etc. - 0 maida) and a Pro Weight Loss Menu (a minimilistic salad based menu). On popular demand, we are launching Healthy Lunch from 22nd Sep!

Please fill up this form & we will call you to confirm your order! [#9663572819]

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Lunch Order Form

Hey! Welcome to NutriTown (Beta). On popular demand, we are here with our weight-loss focused LUNCH [backed by nutritionist and weight loss experts]. This time for Indian Palette [Yup! Let us surprise you how we can make a super healthy avataar here too]

Please fill up this form & we will call you to confirm your order! [#9663572819]


About Us

We make and deliver nutritionist endorsed fresh meals that help you look and feel good.

We adopt a scientific approach focused on providing healthy (n tasty) food and drink that improves metabolism . Here is a sneak peak of what we do (everyday)

  • Based on our nutritionist's recommendation (Say Hi), we use which ingredients to use? in what proportion?
  • We handpick freshest ingredients in the town - fruits and veggies - and kick out the packaged products!
  • Our Pro-Chefs (Sneak Peak ) take on the humongous task of making healthy food tasty. (Shoot out from our customers)
  • We deliver your dinner to you at your home on our sports bikes cycle: trin trin! You just savour the luxury of a healthy dinner!
  • We take feedback on the dishes and together we try to make healthy food (super) "tasty"

Why Us?

  • Health is top priority for us, followed closely by taste [Yup, Taste is 2nd, Health is 1st]
  • We manufacture our own sauces and dips [Without maida, without cream]
  • We try to avoid packaged ready-made products in drinks / food
  • You can count on us to give you real nutritionist endorsed food and drink.
  • We are eco friendly. Some deliveries happen on sports bikes, some happen on motor bikes.
  • We have minimalistic wastage policy. Whatever extra food is made each day, we donate them. Better bring some smiles, rather than dumping it.
  • Last reason? We will take care of your diet and hope to build another fitness success story out of you, together. :)

Founding Team

Kushal Sharma

Cyclist and Fitness guy, Handles marketing and operations

Obsessed with customer happiness. When not working, you will find him climbing Nandi Hills / training for brevet or cycling races! [Background: FMS, NSIT,,, Founder of]

"Being fit is a lifestyle."


Vinayak Rao

Cyclist and Design guru, Handles look and feel of all customer touchpoints

When not working, you will find him rocking the sports field (cricket, soccer, pool, you name it!) [Background:, Founder of]



Deap Ubhi

A serial entrepreneur with Burrp! successful exit under the kitty

A fitness enthusiast and a guiding light for our team.



Kamna Desai

A pro nutritionist well known in sports nutrition domain

Was a part of TCS World 10k, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon among other fitness and corporate events.

"Keep a check on source of your calories, rather than only calories."



A pro-weight loss guru well known in Bangalore with her expertise in food and diet

Additionally owns the firm, ReviseDiet, and shares the passion to spread health and fitness.

"Successful Weightloss is about proper digestion and timing of food."



Our team of chefs from Leela and Olives Hotel, don the task of making healthy food tasty. Additionally, the team also has wide experience from


Success Stories


1 of the founders of NutriTown went on to lose 30kg and 8 inches in 5 months.

In the making

"I would like to thank nutritown for making healthy eating easy. I use to be a consistent "unhealthy" food eater. I would basically eat from outside everyday as I don't have time for cooking . I was always overweight as a kid, But after a minor accident I was in bed for 2 months and gained a lot of weight which made me obese. And I had to lose weight no matter what. But I didn't know where to start....and that's when I saw the ad of "nutritown" on Facebook. So first I went for one week package. And that's when I met Kushal in person and he told me about his weight loss journey,which was quite inspiring but not enough to inspire me....UNTIL I saw his old pics. And then I was like whhhhattt. I got to get my s*** together. After few days I started hitting gym. I have lost 6 kgs in 1 month and 5 days. It's a good start!!!
Clean eating can be so hard at times that it may drive you insane but with nutritowns junk made healthy menu you'll remain sane and won't feel guilty about eating. But if you are someone who is super determined to loose weight I would suggest going for Pro weight loss menu."

Via Facebook
Here is what our customers say about food/ drink @ NutriTown

"Thank God for NutriTown .. Every single drink/juice has been so refreshing and delightful.. And the meals just get better by the day... thank you Team Nutritown... Glad to have signed up with you.."

Via Facebook

"Healthy food made super yummy!!!! Great food.... Xtremely healthy, fantastic service!!"

Via Zomato

"The food is absolutely fresh, the ingredients used are healthy, they provide a diet chart with calorie count and what not. The best part: I can have sandwiches, momos, pastas without an ounce of guilt. Their drinks are tasty and compliment the meal perfectly well. Junk food could be healthy and absolutely yum, stuff what dreams are made of!"

Via Zomato

"Definitely worth the money. Healthy food that tastes great as well. One of the better food options available in Bangalore for sure!!"

Via Zomat

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Secret Tip

Successful and long term weight loss is a tough process of working out diligently and eating right, real food.

At NutriTown, we are bullish on improving metabolism if you want a successful weight loss.

You can count on us for hi-protein, hi-fibre food and drink, that are scientifically proven to improve metabolism. But to get better impact, exercise is essential.


Magic Weight Loss

We exist to support you in your long term sustainable fat loss, no shortcuts, period!

We make sure that you eat real, healthy and fresh food and drinks.

It's 70% diet and 30% workout. You can count on us for that 70%, and we count on you for the other 30. :) Together, we can create more and more magic


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